Additional Ideas

Food drives aren’t the only way to raise food and funds for the Food Pantry, so we provided a few more proven methods below. We are also aware of the ingenuity and passion this community possesses, so if you have a new idea, please contact us, and we will assist you as best we can.


  • Volunteer to pick up donated food and transport it to the Food Pantry
  • Promote a food or fund-raising drive of your own with the fliers found on the left side of this page to engage as many people as possible
  • Plant an extra row in your garden to give clients fresh vegetables


  • Promote payroll-deduction contributions, which lower employees’ taxable income
  • Donate in-kind gifts to decrease the Food Pantry’s operations costs (printing, copying services, technical support, etc.)
  • Purchase or donate logistical items needed at the Food Pantry (computers, software, warehouse equipment, etc.)
  • Sponsor an event at your company:
    • Make a financial contribution and challenge employees to raise the same amount OR do the reverse, and match whatever donations your employees raise
    • Promote dress-down days for participants who make donations
    • Sponsor all, or part of, a Food Pantry fund-raising event