Themed Drives

Themed drives create a hook that is easy and fun for participants to follow. These kinds of drives help the Food Pantry by filling specific needs and helping us plan how we’ll use our inventory in the future. Themed drives help guide donors on what to purchase, they take advantage of sales, and participants can be assured their donations are truly needed, used and appreciated.

Single Food Item Drive
Focus your food drive on only one item: a certain canned good, macaroni & cheese, cereal, etc. You could even choose your item based on what is on sale at a given time to maximize everyone’s giving potential.

Go one step further and create an ongoing drive where a different food is collected each month. This forms a habit of giving among your group and supplies the Food Pantry with a consistent source of food.

Diaper Drive
Many of our clients cannot afford diapers and baby hygiene items for their small children, which government programs (e.g., Food Stamps) do no cover. Host a diaper drive and collect diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, and any other small-child needs to help our youngest clients.

Birthday Party Drive
Since resources are extremely tight for our clients, they often have to sacrifice the small things we take for granted. Many of our clients cannot even afford a small birthday party for their children, so we try to provide one for them.

Host a birthday party drive and collect cake batter mix, frosting and sprinkles, party favors and any other items that would help celebrate a child’s birthday. We then create a party package to give to our clients to add a little more joy to their children’s special day.