Services We Provide

The Food Pantry provides more than food to our clients. Some clients can’t make it to the Food Pantry, have special dietary needs or require additional resources. Through collaborations with other advocacy groups, expertise in accessing government funding and an astute awareness of the needs of our clients, we provide a number of additional services for those who need them.

  • Delivering to the homes of clients who cannot travel to the Food Pantry due to age or disability
  • Collecting and distributing good food that otherwise would have been wasted by food producers, purveyors, farmers, caterers and restaurants through the Food Recovery Program
  • Providing additional food to income-eligible clients as an agent of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program
  • Distributing pre-packaged boxes of food to low-income senior housing sites through Stockbox, a program in collaboration with the USDA and Wisconsin’s Hunger Task Force that helps clients sit together and enjoy a full meal
  • Catering to clients with certain allergies or with particular dietary needs through the Special Diet Program

Some of these programs have reached their maximum client limits. Applicants may have to spend time on a waiting list before receiving these services.

To learn if you qualify for any of these services, contact us at 262-542-5300.