“A Great Experience”

“The other night, my son and I stopped in for a few items, and I was amazed at the dignity provided by your volunteers. I wanted to take a moment to thank you.

“I turned to your service as [our] situation created quite a burden on my family. I had suggested the Food Pantry to many people and, while difficult, I couldn’t let pride prevent me from utilizing this service as well.

“It was also nice to visit with the other patrons of the food pantry. Secretly, I was glad there was a bit of line, so I had a chance to talk with people. I met a Hispanic woman who complimented my son on his shirt. And I met a WWII veteran in his 80s—who looked no older than his 60s—who was wonderful.  : ) A great experience.

“My situation is already getting better. The assistance of the Waukesha Food Pantry has been wonderful, and I thank you for this help.”

– From a client