About Us

The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to providing food to the many Waukesha County residents who go hungry every day and eventually eliminating hunger from the county.

Our Mission

The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County provides food, hope, and dignity to county residents in need, and advocates to increase awareness of hunger through community partnerships.

Our Vision 

We envision a future without hunger in Waukesha County.

Our Values

  1. Dignity: we treat our clients, donors, and volunteers with respect, fairness, honor, and confidentiality.
  2. Stewardship: Through operational excellence we maximize the resources entrusted to us by the community.
  3. Advocacy: We work collaboratively within the community to end hunger and food insecurity on behalf of our clients.
  4. Education: We provide Information to our Clients about available resources within the community. We also inform the public about hunger and food insecurity in our community.
  5. Community: Through collaboration with our clients, our volunteers, our donors, and everyone The FOOD Pantry impacts, we build a stronger society for today, tomorrow, and the future.
  6. Nutrition: We provide a variety of wholesome food for our clients so they may lead healthy and productive lives.


Our History

We started humbly in 1978 in the basement of a volunteer’s home, but we now serve over 5,700 residents a month and foster compassion and hope throughout the community. Waukesha is Wisconsin’s third most populated county, and the number is only growing, meaning we receive new clients every day. In addition to food, we provide goods and services, and we work with clients to make them more self-sufficient. Our clients are mostly children, underemployed individuals who are not making a living wage, senior citizens, and people who have fallen under tough times. We work to improve their conditions and the well being of our community, one person at a time.

Diversity Statement

The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County has a longstanding commitment to serve as a caring, welcoming agency which embraces diversity.

We view diversity as the foundation for a rich and thriving community. We value the many qualities that make each person unique, and welcome the different experiences and perspectives that help us fight to end hunger within our county.

We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work and are resolved that this is reflected through our policies, training, education, and programming.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.