Success Stories

The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County has helped thousands of residents throughout its history and continues to do so today. These are the stories of clients whom The FOOD Pantry helped in fundamental and dynamic ways.


A Heartfelt Gift

With nowhere else to turn, a young family struggling with massive medical bills due to their severely ill 3-month-old baby found solace at The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County. Their child was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery and, although they had health insurance, they had already racked up $9,000 in medical bills. They also had several related costs, including a very expensive baby formula prescribed by their doctor.


So on a cold and snowy winter night, the couple visited The FOOD Pantry for the first time and were overwhelmed with what happened next. Not only did they receive their special formula free of charge, but they were shocked to pick up other much-needed supplies, including diapers and, of course, food for themselves. But the most important gift that night was the kindness and relief the Food Pantry provided. As the family left, food and formula in hand, the mother turned back and said, “You will never know how your generosity has helped to balance our pain.”


The FOOD Pantry staff later learned the child’s surgery was a complete success.



Paying It Forward

“Ten years ago, I used The FOOD Pantry to feed my two young children, and now I am able to contribute to The FOOD Pantry. I have been contributing to The FOOD Pantry of Waukesha County for several years now, and each year I give a little more than I did before. It is my pleasure to do this. It is with special pride that I repay what you gave me, and now I can help others.”

– A note from a donor, along with a gift



We Can Help. No Matter What.

A local man spent three years taking care of his wife as she fought a losing battle with cancer. He became his wife’s primary caregiver as her condition worsened and had to take a leave of absence from his work to do so. After her death, he returned to his job, but shortly after that, his position was eliminated. In this tragic time, losing his wife and his living, he turned to The FOOD Pantry. We provided him with food, and we worked with our partnering programs to find him medical help and sign him up for FoodShare. While we could not make up for his many losses, the man expressed his gratitude for the help he received as he continued his healing process.

During a recent visit, he was happy to inform us that he found a new job that he loves.



A Great Experience

"The other night, my son and I stopped in for a few items, and I was amazed at the dignity provided by your volunteers. I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I turned to your service as [our] situation created quite a burden on my family. I had suggested The FOOD Pantry to many people and, while difficult, I couldn’t let pride prevent me from utilizing this service as well. It was also nice to visit with the other patrons of The FOOD Pantry. Secretly, I was glad there was a bit of line, so I had a chance to talk with people. I met a Hispanic woman who complimented my son on his shirt. And I met a WWII veteran in his 80s—who looked no older than his 60s—who was wonderful.  :) A great experience.

My situation is already getting better. The assistance of The FOOD Pantry of Waukesha County has been wonderful, and I thank you for this help.”

– From a client