Rights & Responsibilites

Rights & Responsibilities

The mission of The FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County is to provide food, hope, and dignity to county residents in need. As a guest of The FOOD Pantry you have rights and responsibilities while on the property and accessing the services of The FOOD Pantry.

You have the right:

  • To be treated fairly and respectfully.
  • To make a complaint to the USDA, if you feel discriminated against.
  • To safety, if you feel unsafe please inform staff.
  • To access the FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County once per week.
  • To privacy, the FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County does not share personal information or service history.

To ensure everyone has the above rights, you have the following responsibilities. You may lose your right to service if you put others’ rights at risk.

You have the responsibility:

  • To treat staff, volunteers, and fellow guests with respect.
  • To help make the FOOD Pantry Serving Waukesha County safe, please remember the following:
    • No weapons allowed in the building.
    • Keep doorways and exit paths clear.
    • The waiting area has limited space, if there are no seats available please wait outside.
    • There is no smoking or vaping (tobacco/e-cigarettes) inside or around the FPWC premises.
  • The FPWC will not share personal information; you are responsible for keeping track of your visits and planning accordingly.
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings and maintaining your place in line. FPWC staff members and volunteers are unable to monitor the parking lot.

FOOD Pantry of Waukesha County is an equal opportunity provider.